Thursday, August 17, 1967







Governor Owen S. Aspinall will be formally inaugurated the 45th chief executive of American Samoa in a ceremony tomorrow on the village green in Fagatogo.

The elaborate ceremony -- conducted in the centuries—old and most respectful traditions of Samoa will begin at 9 o’ clock and conclude around 2 o‘clock in the after­noon.

Participants in the traditional ‘ava ceremony will assemble at about 8: 30. The untitled men of Page Pago will prepare the ‘ava (a ceremonial drink made from the root of the ‘ava plant) under the direction of Utaife’au.

                    *            *              *



The ‘ava ceremony is considered the most chiefly of all Samoan traditions. Parti­cipating, in addition to Governor Aspinall, will be the Samoan loaders and high govern­ment officials.

The chiefs and government officials will be seated on the village green, or malae,as it is known in Samoan. Governor Aspinall, who has already taken the oath of his office in Washington, D.C., will arrive at 9 o’clock. He, too, will be seated on the malae.

                    *              *            *



The ‘ava roots will be collected from the assembled chiefs and placed in front of one orator. The orator will make a speech, expressing the symbolism and importance of the ‘ava ceremony and the respect it involves for the guest of honor.

An orator for the day will then be chosen by the chiefs. The chosen orator will then make a speech. Normally, the governor or his chosen orator, would then make a reply. However, master of ceremonies Fofo I.F. Sunia, said the governor’s reply would be deferred until later in the morning. The reply will be contained in the inaugural address.

                  *                *            *



After the ‘ava drink is served and sipped, the ceremonial participants will move to the stand. The malae will be cleared and the parade will begin.

Chief of Police Moaali'tele L. Tu’ufuli Will be the parade marshal.

Then will come the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner” by the Leone band and the invocation by’ the Reverend Tulafono of the Christian Congregational Church of Faga’itua.

                  *                              *



Governor Aspinall will then take the oath of office. It will be administered by H. Edward Hyden, chief justice, Government of American Samoa.

The swearing-in ceremony will be followed by remarks by High Chief Satele, governor of the Western District, and High~Orator Chief Lob, president of the Senate.


Following selections by the Fagasa band, Governor Aspinall will deliver his inaugu­ral address.

                   *                 *             *



Then will come the Singing by the many hundreds of persons in attendance of the traditional Samoan hymn “Lota Nu‘u Na ‘Ou Fanau Ai” (My Country Where I Was Born), led by High Orator—Chief Mulitauaopele S.

The benediction will be given by Father Heslin of the Catholic mission, of Lepua.

The inaugural part of the program will be concluded by the singing of “Amerika Samoa,” the Samoan anthem, and played by the Aua band. Governor Aspinall will then review the parade.

                 *             *               *



At 11 o’clock, the entertainment part of the program will get under way with singing by groups from the Western and Eastern Districts. Mulitauaopele Sui’ava is chairman of the program.

At 12:30, the inaugural feast will be held at Faga’itua. High Chief Le’iato T. will be the host.




The Governor’s Inaugural Ball was a sellout less than two days after 125 tickets went on sale, Judge Virgil Roel reported today.

The formal dance will be held tomorrow night at the Air Force Cafeteria in honor of Governor and Mrs. Owen S. Aspinall.

Proceeds from the sale of $10 per couple tickets will go to the Boy Scout district committee members may be encouraged to hold a similar dance next year, only in more spacious quarters.

Music will be furnished by the “Breeze Four,” and the program will begin at 9 o’clock.

“The committee regrets that many people who wanted to attend the dance were not able to procure tickets,” Rod said, “but it was necessary to limit the number of persons so that those attneding would better en­joy themselves.”




Governor F. D. Jakeway of Fiji and his wife and son paid courtesy calls on Governor and Mrs.. Aspinall while the Tofua was in port here.

The Jakeways had breakfast and luncheon talks with the Aspinalls, both times at the Pago Pago Intercontinental Hotel.




Beginning November 24, the weekly Air New Zealand jet from Auckland and Nandi will arrive here on Friday afternoons instead of Sunday mornings.

The reason for the change is to provide a more convenient arrival and departure time than the Sunday-dawn time, and to make connections easier for passengers coming from and going to Western Samoa, said Robin Bryant, Air New Zealand’s district traffic manager here.

The DC8 will arrive here from Auckland and Nandi at 2:45 p.m. Friday instead of 7:15 a.m. Sunday. It will depart here at 4 p.m. (on Friday), reaching Nandi at 5 p.m. (Nandi time) and Auckland at 8:50 p.m. (Auckland time).