One day Tigilau and Sina went into the open sea to fish. They went in a sailing canoe. Tigilau felt a bite. Immediately he called out to his companion, "Sina, steady the boat. A big fish has taken the hook." But poor Sina could not keep the boat steady. The fish dragged the boat. It pulled and pulled until they reached a spot between the villages of Masefau and Masausi. There the boat was cast on the reef. The boat turned turtle and both occupants were drowned. The fish escaped.

Tigilau and Sina turned into rocks, which are to be seen there to this day. When a big wave comes in from the sea, Sina can be heard to cry out, "Please, spare my life." When the wave recedes Tigilau cries out, "Oh, save my life. "

George Thurman, 1999